Although your car might look good from bumper to bumper, over time, you may notice some slight yellowing at its headlights. This is an incredibly common issue and one that many Jefferson, IA drivers choose to resolve by purchasing DIY headlight restoration kits. At New Way Auto, we think it's important for locals to understand exactly how these kits work, and to recognize a few important drawbacks in using them.

The Average Kit Is Only Meant for Cleaning Yellowed Headlights

Actual headlight restoration is a very involved process that includes multiple steps. Conversely, DIY kits are largely focused on scraping or eroding away the protective film that has taken on a yellowish tinge. They do so with sandpaper or with chemicals that have abrasive or corrosive qualities. Unfortunately, they do not buff the treated areas to polish them. This in turn leaves the treated surfaces more vulnerable to discoloration than they were before. More importantly, restoring yellowed headlights without fixing their water-tight encasement virtually ensures that the problem will occur again.

Professional Treatments Provide Enduring Results

Professionals remove dirtied, discolored film from yellowed headlights. They also carefully polish all treated surfaces so that new dirt and grime does not accumulate in these areas. By restoring a water-tight seal at the encasement, they also ensure that new problems with condensation don't arise.