Understanding The Backup Camera

We care that you understand the safety features that come with your automobile. Let's talk about the backup or rearview camera.

What Does The Backup Camera Do?

The rearview camera or backup camera is a rear-mounted camera, usually pointed slightly downward that is active the moment you shift into reverse. Federally required in all passenger vehicles as of 2018, the backup camera is an improved part of the automobile that will surely save lives, bicycles, and fender benders for years to come by giving the driver a complete vision of what is going on behind them while driving.

If you have a car equipped with a backup camera, make sure you keep it clean from dust and water spots so that you always see clearly what is behind you while reversing. And if you have never tried a car with a backup camera, visit us at New Way Auto where we will be happy to take you for a test drive!



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