Front-wheel vs. rear wheel

We here at New Way Auto understand the importance of being informed when you're choosing your next new vehicle. When it comes to finding a vehicle, you have the option of getting a rear-wheel or front-wheel drive. What advantages do each of them have?

Rear-wheel drive makes use of a solid axle design that is built for durability. This design allows for a simple configuration and durability. The RWD system also helps to balance the weight of your vehicle with the engine at the front and axle system towards the back. In situations where there's rain or snow, RWD cars can lose traction when roads are slick.

Front-wheel drive systems have a lower overall weight compared to RWD cars since the axle and transmission are put into a single assembly. The pull design of FWD cars helps with traction. When it comes to handling, FWD cars can be front heavy, which can affect handling.



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